the new fly fisher

The New Fly Fisher is an educational and informative television and online video series that serves anglers of all ability levels. The series showcases exciting fishing destinations and each unique episode taps into the stories and knowledge of guides and outfitters in Canada, the USA and around the world.

This stunning episode from the most recent season of the show was filmed in 2018, at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge in Northern Manitoba and features the rare sea-run brook trout migration to fresh water.

Guided with mark melnyk

Created with the World Fishing Network:

Guided with Mark Melnyk is a twenty six episode series featuring  some of the world's greatest anglers and tells the stories of how they reached their success.  This episode shot at Abaco Lodge in the Bahamas highlights Oliver White, and his journey from humble guide to humble influencer in the industry.

atlantic rivers outfitting company

Over three years, two camera crews from Canada and Norway spent countless hours on the remote rivers of Labrador documenting the feeding patterns of Salmo Salar, the much coveted Atlantic Salmon.   In this piece we are building a case for government to take action to protect and provide increased spawning habitat in some of Canada’s most remote regions.

half mile of hell

Created with Outdoor Life Network:

Over 14000 kms and 13 stops in Canada's west, we follow 36 chuckwagon teams as they head down the road in pursuit of the almighty buck.  With unprecedented access to one of the world's most dangerous sports, our crews get exclusive access to the  life, death, love and loss that happens during The  Half Mile of Hell.

Video:  Opening and Titles for Half Mile of Hell

Canadian Screen Award Nominee

nunavut tourism

Client:  Nunavut Tourism  with the New Fly Fisher.  Arctic Char with Polar Outfitting.

There are few final frontiers left in this world.  Nunavut, Canada is considered one.  We head deep into the North in pursuit of Arctic char on fly.  Nearly 24 hour light allowed for endless opportunities to capture some of the most spectacular imagery of places rarely seen.

calgary stampede bull riding

Created with Outdoor Life Network

Bull Riding and the Calgary Stampede.  Live events are where we came from.  With eight years of experience in media coverage of Rodeo and Bull Riding, and many more years covering unique sporting events such as The America's Cup and live broadcast staples including NHL and MLB events in Canada and the US,  we  are well versed at covering live events and profiling  professional athletes.

wilderness north

Client: Wilderness North

Topwater Brook Trout of the Freestone River.  We provide boutique a la carte marketing services to those who might need a boost, outside of agency.  We will work with you to realize your marketing goals, and help  plan your strategies.  This campaign video was created to engage anglers looking for world class fly fishing opportunities that are accessible and affordable.  It's these moments that move the needle in travel marketing.

canadian tourism commission

Client: Canadian Tourism Commission

Video Blogger Ben Brown on Toronto  

Experiential engagements from social media influencers drive traffic.  We work with our partners including the CTC, now Explore Canada, to document a number of  influencer's experiences in the greater Toronto area  with the aim to drive  international tourism.